Ocicat Cat Care Items
Dry: Mixture of Royal Canine, Iams, and Science Diet – no fish- usually doesn’t care for fish.

​Wet: Fancy Feast Grilled – Chicken, Beef, Turkey​

Friskies Shredded – Turkey, Chicken, Beef
Albacore Tuna or Chicken packed in water at the grocery store.
Freeze Dried Chicken or Chicken Hearts – Can be found in cat food or dog food
Boiled Chicken Breast – Small amount cut up with the juice from the water boiled in.
Raw Hamburger, Blueridge Kitten Mix (All natural raw); www.blueridge.com

​Toys: Laser Mouse, Wand Toys, soft mice that have a noise maker in them and/or fuzzy balls etc.

​Bowls; Aluminum attract less bacteria.

​Bathing Your Ocicat: Dawn Dish Soap with 50% water will eliminate any oils in hair then rinse; anti-fungal/anti-viral shampoo can be bought at the vets then rinse and then Pantene
​Shampoo or any clear shine shampoo, rinse and towel dry well.

​Clip nails, wash ears and wash face separately of bath.

​Revolution from the vet, will prevent fleas, ticks, and heartworm.